Kuuvik Capture

The most advanced Canon EOS remote control app

Whether shooting in a studio or in the field, fast and optimal workflow plays a key role in getting the job done. Kuuvik Capture supports photographers’ efforts through multiple unique features that boost the efficiency of the image capture process.

Advanced Live View

advanced-live-viewKuuvik Capture’s advanced live view assists composition and accurate focusing with a remarkable set of tools.

Taking live view quite a few steps further than what cameras currently have to offer, the software provides parametric sharpening coupled with adjustable focus peaking overlay in three different modes (with user selected color, optionally over a black and white image; and mask only). These all work in real time, applied directly to the camera’s live view stream.

Combined with support for driving lens focusing motors manually and precisely, taking tack sharp images that are focused to exactly where you want them could not be easier.

You can also apply preset or precisely adjustable guidelines and rotate the live view image in order to set up your desired composition with minimal efforts.

Split View

splitviewWorking on the advanced live view interface, you can select up to three critical image areas by simply placing markers over the image and zoom in to review the marked areas simultaneously in a world’s first implementation of split view1, or check them one by one, switching from one marker to the other with a push of a button.

Of course sharpening and focus peaking may also be combined with the split view display, providing unprecedented control over the depth of field; especially handy when using tilt-shift lenses. Focus pulling can be used in split view when your lens is in auto-focus mode.

(1) Based on research conducted by Kuuvik Digital in March, 2013. This feature is available with select cameras.

Image Preview

preview-overexp-2Kuuvik Capture offers outstanding tools for the evaluation of your captures straight away.

A unique raw-image-based histogram completed with over and underexposure warning enables you to properly assess exposure, independently from any JPEG processing settings, such as white balance or contrast, which could otherwise significantly impact and distort the image’s histogram.

Even if you are on the move and unable to take Kuuvik Capture with you, you can still benefit from the software’s ability to program your camera’s custom white balance to “unitary white balance”, which cancels the effect of white balancing on the histogram.

Exposure Sequence Automation

Intended artistic representation of a scene may require multiple exposures for various reasons. Should you want to extend your image’s dynamic range through HDR, shoot multiple images for a time lapse video, or just simply schedule a chain of shots, or even bracketed sequence, Kuuvik Capture will get the job done for you. The Bracketing Monitor helps you assess whether your entire sequence will fit inside the exposure possibilities of your equipment.

exposequence-2You can combine Kuuvik Capture’s ISO, shutter speed, aperture or focus bracketing with the intervalometer to capture any desired custom sequence. The software tops that all with mirror lock up control (with a customizable automatic release time), and a user friendly interface, providing you with endless possible combinations.

Wireless Tethering

No need to use cables – Kuuvik Capture supports wireless tethering when working with WiFi-capable cameras. Besides transmitting live view over WiFi, the software allows full control over the camera’s controls and settings. Just as if you were shooting tethered via USB, each of Kuuvik Capture’s features are available.

Friendly Interface with Two-Way Camera Communication

camera-syncKuuvik Capture was created by working photographers, with the mission of the possible fastest, smoothest and optimal workflow in mind. The easy to understand user interface and the availability of keyboard shortcuts for each of the software’s functions will boost your efficiency.

Should you still feel that a certain situation requires you to keep control over the camera’s user interface, you can be assured that Kuuvik Capture’s two-way camera communication supports changing settings at either ends.

Less Time Spent on Culling and Selection

The session based image capture takes care of separating your final images from those made during the optimization process. This separation information is recorded into industry-standard XMP metadata files that ensures integration with various methods of workflow.